Grow And Play Switchback Racetrack For £4.99 @ Sainsburys

Zoom away with a cool half price deal from Sainsburys. The Grow and Play Switchback Racetrack has brightly coloured cars, is loads of fun and is guaranteed to get giggles. It’s was £9.99 but as it’s half price at Sainsburys at the moment you’ll pay just £4.99, lovely.

I could see how this toy could become addictive. Little ones place their cars on the top level of the track and watch it zoom down each level. As gravity pulls the car down the ramp the levels swing so that the car changes direction, cool! The bright colours and racing cars are sure to catch their attention and get a few giggles of delight too.

Despite its simple design, this switchback racetrack is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids, especially toddlers that love cars and moving toys. The levels have four different colours and there are four different colour racing cars to keep your child entertained. It’s suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

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  • winklegirl
    My son was given this toy for Christmas. I thought it might be a bit too basic for him, but now at just over 2.5 years he still plays with it loads.

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