Giant Alphabet And Numbers Puzzle Play Mat £28.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this giant Alphabet and Numbers Puzzle play mat for £28.99, rather than £44.99.

If you've got the space for this giant Alphabet and Numbers Puzzle play mat, then I strongly recommend you buy it - I've yet to come across a child who has one at home, or has played with one at nursery, who didn't/doesn't love it.

I think part of its appeal is its size - BIG foam pieces all fit together to form a huge soft play mat, featuring the alphabet and numbers 0 to 9.  When it's completed it takes up 36 square feet of space - in case you were wondering what I meant by B-I-G!

The giant Alphabet and Numbers Puzzle play mat pieces are odour-free, non-toxic (obviously!), are very easy to keep clean and come with a storage bag too.

You're not limited to just playing flat, piece will fit together to form cubes and, the numbers and letters pop out of their relevant puzzle piece as well - just to add more potential puzzle solving into the equation.!

I saw something very similar to this being sold at the Baby Show in Birmingham, a few years ago, and the seller was struggling to keep up with demand.

Happy giant puzzling!

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