FREE Christmas Gift For Existing Sky TV Customers

FREE Christmas Gift For Existing Sky TV Customers

If you are a Sky TV customer then you are in luck, as they are giving FREE Christmas Gifts to existing customers! No catch, just a Thank You for being a loyal customer. You could get 3 months access to Box Sets, or a Sky Store voucher for £13.99 to Buy & Keep a new movie for free! Just click the link below and sign in to claim your free gift!

Original and Variety customers who have connected boxes should be gifted access to Box Sets (standard definition and in line with their current subscription) for three months. If you are a customer who already has Box Sets or a non-connected box, you should get a Sky Store voucher worth £13.99/€16.99 to spend on a movie of your choice.

You just click on the link and sign in to unwrap your Christmas gift, then you need to look out for an email with your voucher and how to claim.

We have Box Sets already at home here, so I got the Sky Store voucher for £13.99 as you can see below, so now we just need to choose a film to Buy and Keep for free!

Thanks to WuTangClan


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  • Leanne W.

    you just need to log into your sky account x

    • Jen K.

      Thanks I got sky store credit x

      • Colin S.

        Yea just waiting on email Or letter coming for £13.99

        • Emily B.

          Just ordered suicide squad on the box and DVD. Awesome :punch_tone1:

          • Caroline A.

            Already saw it haha although I also got another £5 voucher whoop whoop :grin:

            • Nicola B.

              Have to wait for an email from Sky

              • Caroline A.

                I ordered suicide squad & it came in the envelope :relaxed:

                • Gemma B.

                  Seen it earlier I'd rather have the buy and keep movie than the box sets :joy:

                  • Nichola B.

                    I got buy n keep,I've got box sets,do it n see what it says

                    • Amy P.

                      Wev got 3 months free box sets :smiley::smiley::smiley:

                      • Caroline S.

                        Didnt work for me. All I got was: "Oops, there seems to be a problem Sorry, it looks like there's been a problem identifying your Sky Christmas gift." :(

                        • Emma B.

                          Stupid thing keeps saying it can't find my gift :rage: xx

                          • Donna H.

                            I got 13.99 but gotta wait for email b4 using it :weary:

                            • Wendi H.

                              Its Free i got box set for 3 months n they take it off when its up x

                              • Tracey B.

                                Got a film voucher. Cool. Not tried code yet though :flushed:.

                                • Jemma B.

                                  I've tried keeps coming up error I'll ring them tomorrow x

                                  • Allison C.

                                    Yes still waiting for go on planner as you can send it to your sky box

                                    • Peter K.

                                      Rubbish. Tells me I don't have an account.

                                      • Cheryl C.

                                        Peter are you logging into my sky? Where you would view bills etc? If you've never logged in before you may have to call them or live chat but it will work :grinning: they'll be able to help

                                        • Peter K.

                                          Got an account but did not recognise it and would not let me try again!

                                        • Allison C.

                                          Can take two hours they said send to box.

                                          • Jon D.

                                            Says oops to me wouldn't work :disappointed_relieved: