Fred Mr Food Face Dinner Plate £10.95 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Kitchen Gift Co

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Getting children to eat can be a tedious task for both you and them. I have tried a million and one ways and whilst some work better than others, I have never quite found one that is successful. However, after clapping eyes on these Fred Mr Food Dinner Plates from Amazon Seller: Kitchen Gift Co, I am hopeful. They are £10.95, which isn't mega cheap BUT if they take out that half hour of hell at dinnertimes then it's worth every penny. FREE delivery is included too.  To get it at this price just look down the right hand side of the page on Amazon.

The Fred Mr Food Face Dinner Plate is made of "hotel quality, food-safe, high-fire ceramics". It's essentially a white ceramic plate with a face printed on it. Sounds simple, but it tends to be the most basic ideas that are the most effective.

Your kids can make hair and funny faces using their food and hopefully this will inspire them to actually eat it all up. One can live in hope, right?

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  • Bluejude
    I have some very similar to this - but they were £1.99 in B&M stores!

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