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Remember these? This cute little Fisher Price telephone is a timeless toy classic phone and it's just £3.99, down from £5.99 at now.

Everyone had these when I was a kid so if you fancy a retro gift or a trip down memory lane then this could be ideal.

There are a couple of reviews of the item on and both customers complain that the cord that connects the phone to the handset is too short but I'm guessing that's a safety precaution.

I've no idea why but babies ADORE phones. From well before they can speak it seems to be completely innate for them to imitate phone chat and it's one of the cutest baby foibles. Both my lads had toy phones around their 1st birthdays and several years later they're still on the go. Only these days they use them to pretend to call each other up when they're orchestrating elaborate rescue missions.

phone2I read one review from a customer who pointed out that their baby didn't have a clue what to do with this toy, since it's so far removed from the modern phones we all use but I don't reckon that would be an issue. The googly eyes and pull along string are likely to make it a hit with many a little person, regardless of whether they realise what it is!

With thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD

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