Fireman Sam Jupiters Alphabet Rescue £11.98 @ Tesco

Tesco are selling Fireman Sam Jupiters Alphabet Rescue for £11.98, rather than its full £19.99.

I haven't written about anything Fireman Sam for a-g-e-s (at least it feels like ages) and if you aren't familiar with the 'hero next door' then you won't know that Jupiter is Fireman Sam's fire engine (or appliance as they call it in the fire trade).

This particular Jupiter has alphabet buttons on one side and five modes of game play to indulge in, with Fireman Sam's voice helping and guiding them through each.

When your child answers an alphabet question correctly they'll be rewarded by Jupiter flashing its lights and sounding its siren; you can't beat an audio visual reward, especially when it comes from Jupiter!

You will need to buy two AA batteries to enable all this to happen, if you don't happen to have any hanging around wherever you keep batteries in your house (third draw down in the kitchen in my house - the trick is knowing which ones have full charge and which ones the teenagers have used and thrown back in there for fun!)

You can arrange to collect your Fireman Sam Jupiters Alphabet Rescue, for free, from your nearest Tesco store or you can pay them an additional £3 and have it delivered to you.

Thanks to biscuits1 at HUKD

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