Elmer Magnetic Whiteboard And Blackboard £11.26 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this rather fabulous looking Elmer magnetic whiteboard and blackboard for £11.26 rather than its usual £29.49.

Just in case you don't know, and are wondering, who Elmer is - he's a little patchwork elephant and the main character in a very cute series of story books for children.

He's featured on this magnetic whiteboard and blackboard, hence it's an Elmer magnetic whiteboard and blackboard!

The dimensions of this Elmer magnetic whiteboard and blackboard are 60 x 45 x 45 cm. I can't find any reference anywhere in the Amazon blurb to suggest that it comes with any chalks, pens or magnets so assume it doesn't and make a plan to get some, there will be few things more frustrating for a child than to have a whiteboard/blackboard and NOT have anything to draw, or write, on it with!

If you've got a green conscience then this will also make your heart warm and happy in the knowledge that writing and drawing can be practised ad infinitum, without pages and pages of paper being used in the process.

Free delivery is available, as usual, with the Amazon SuperSaver delivery option.

Thanks to Jas10 at HUKD

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