Dr Who Adipose Stress Toy £3.99 @ Argos

Dr Who Adipose Stress Toy £3.99 @ Argos

After the day I had on Sunday I really could have done with one of these Dr Who Adipose stress toys - it was NOT a fun day at all, even my daughter's punch bag and a bit of kick boxing wasn't enough to do the trick.

Did you see the Adipose Dr Who episode?  It was one of the very early ones when the Time Lord graced our screens once again (I miss those early series, I think it's all gone a bit daft now and have given up watching) and basically the Adipose were little blobby creature things that ate the fat of fat humans to make them skinny - something like that anyway.

They're 12cm tall and are, like their TV counterparts, soft, squishy and cute; they've also been reduced down to £3.99 from £9.99 and are available for both in-store collection and home delivery, that latter will cost you £5.95 which I wouldn't advise unless you want your financial stress levels to go up!

Thanks to ladybig100uk at HUKD


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