Dominos Coupons: 25%

Dominos Coupons: 25%

Dominos Coupons Voucher CodeUse this Dominos coupons discount code to get 25% off your pizza order when you spend £20 or more.

Click here to get 25% off your pizza order with this Dominos coupons

  • Discount: 25%
  • Minimum spend: £20
  • Voucher code: TGVQQKCC
  • Expires: 7th November 2010

To use the code, click on Checkout when you've finished placing your order. In the first page of checkout, enter the code in the Voucher code box and click Update.

I ordered a large Full House pizza at £16.99, and a side order of a Kickers combo at £6.49. The code deducted £5.62 from the total, so I was pretty pleased with that.

This could be a handy code for the half-term/Halloween weekend. Kids, especiallly pre-teens and teens, really love takeaway pizza. It feels like a particular treat to them. And unlike other types of takeaways, there's absolutely nothing for mum or dad to do, not even washing up. The pizza can be eaten straight from the box! I like to kid myself too that there's even something healthy to it as well - at least they're eating SOME vegetables.

Thanks to pmackers at HUKD!


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  • dave
    i got a card through the post with a £10 off £25 or more code, i'm sure many other people have had the same card posted to them. so this isn't really a great deal, you get £5 extra worth of food for the same £15 £20 - 25% = £15 £25 - £10 = £15
    • David
      there are also 50% off if you spend over £30 or £40 vouchers around in the booklets they send through your door so again, not a great deal (also i'm sure the £10 off any spend over £25 is available online)
      • Lynley O.
        Ooooh thanks Dave and David!I'll check out those codes and see if they work for everyone. Thanks for the heads up.