CS Beauty Eco Friendly Straw Hairbrush From £4.64 @ Amazon

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CS Beauty Eco Friendly Straw Hairbrush From £4.64 @ Amazon

I've been looking for a decent hairbrush for my daughters long hair so she won't complain about the knots when she's brushing it! I've heard good things about the CS Beauty Eco Friendly Straw Hairbrush and we've just grabbed one from only £4.64 at Amazon!

The pink hairbrush is £4.64 and the pink is £4.69, both sold by Amazon seller County Sales Limited and dispatched by Amazon.

This lightweight Straw Brush has flexible, soft pin bristles that massage the scalp and have high resilience. They're kinder to hair, meaning fewer breakages and making it excellent for removing a tangle on wet or dry hair.

The unique combination of curved bristles AND body is unbeatable for detangling. The bio-friendly brush works wet and dry and on different hair types for comfortable daily hair care.

he CS Beauty Straw Brush is made from bio-material which is created from renewable biomass such as straw and rice husk combined with plastic and then polymerised. This friendly production process means that net CO2 emissions are zero for each brush.

Each brush has a loop design back and a double curve which gives it great flexibility, letting it mould to the contours of the scalp for a gentle and super comfortable experience.

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