Colouring Pencils 36 Tub 75p Delivered @ Wilko


This is a really good one. Wilkinson has an offer of free delivery on everything and they have marked this tub of 36 pencils down to 75p so you get the whole lot delivered. For under £1. That’s epic.

These coloured pencils will let you escape with your imagination across vistas far and wide and they are totally suitable for kids aged four and up. You can’t use these with littlies as they will hurt and they come in a lovely plastic tub. Er, I may be lying about the “lovely” part.

You will need paper and stuff for them to draw on, obviously, so you could throw that into your shopping basket too. Free delivery! Or what about the Wilko Mega Pack of felt tip pens that has 50 multi-coloured dudes in there? That is down from £2 to £1.50 so if you get both you are still saving! The Wilko crayons are 60p and the fine tip brush pens only 90p.

Thanks to iwantahotdeal at HUKD!

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