Bagpuss Hot Water Bottle Cover £5.99 @ Home Bargains

Bagpuss Hot Water Bottle Cover £5.99 @ Home Bargains

I'm really tempted to buy this Bagpuss hot water bottle cover for my mum - she loves Bagpuss and is rather partial to warming the foot spot in her bed with a hot water bottle (she's never been an heated blanket fan), and £5.99, instead of £17.99, means I'm staying well within the 'don't spend lots of money' limit that's set every year.

I wonder whether Bagpuss will endure for many more generations? I loved him, as he he was part of my childhood. My children love him because he came back to remind my generation of just how much we loved him, but their depth of affection isn't quite the same - I can't see the next generation down from them getting excited by the saggy old cloth cat, and that makes me quite sad.

Still, he's here for now and if you have a Bagpuss fan in your family then perhaps a Bagpuss hot water bottle cover to cuddle up to on chilly evenings (with a hot water bottle inside, of course - which isn't included) will be the perfect stocking filler for them - having had a good look at the picture, you could also use it as a pyjama case too.

As an aside - if you don't like the idea of hot water bottles, there's a wheat-filled microwaveable Bagpuss over on Amazon for £7.99, instead of £11.95. I'd go for that one, but my mum would, I know, still love this Bagpuss hot water bottle cover more - horses for courses and all that, at least you have a choice.

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