Bag Of 12 Tennis Balls £1 @ Tesco

Bag Of 12 Tennis Balls £1 @ Tesco

If you have a need for tennis balls then you should hot foot it over to Tesco and grab a bag, or maybe two, whilst they're still in stock - I'm pretty sure there's no cheaper deal on tennis balls around at the moment, £1 for 12 is a serious bargain.

My mum gets through loads of tennis balls - she doesn't play tennis but her dog, Lucy-Lu-Lu, has a REAL 'thing' for them.  She loves to play catch with them, indoors or outside, and you'll often find a tennis ball dropped in your lap whilst you're watching TV in the evenings.

She loves them hurled from a ball catcher so she can race across the field to go and get it, bring it back a-n-d then repeat - she'd do that until she couldn't physically stand any longer daft dog!

She ALSO loves to hold them between her front paws and systematically pull all the felt off with her front teeth - that properly sets my teeth on edge, let me tell you *shudder*

SO, this bag of 12 tennis balls, in their red, white and blue colours, will be ideal for my mum.  They'd also be great for practising tennis and catch with your kids in the garden and with 12 on standby, a couple of lost ones in hedges or over into the scary next door neighbour's garden won't cause all play to be ceased.

There's absolutely no point spending an extra £2.95 to have your bag(s) of tennis balls delivered to your home, go and collect them for free in-store instead.

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD


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