Apple iPhone 4s 8GB White (Sim Free / Unlocked) Refurbished Mobile Smart Phone £69 Delivered @ eBay: Argos

Apple iPhone 4s 8GB White (Sim Free / Unlocked) Refurbished Mobile Smart Phone £69 Delivered @ eBay: Argos

Trying to find a 'good' mobile phone for a child is tough going. Either, it's one they wouldn't be seen dead with or it'll bankrupt you.

Some people have responsible children that will look after a phone, mine aren't like that so they got the best phones I deemed cheap enough.

If your child quite fancies an iPhone for Christmas but you don't want to be spending hundreds, when you don't know if they'll look after it properly then we found just the deal.

Over on eBay Store: Argos you can get an Apple iPhone 4s 8GB White (Sim Free / Unlocked) REFURBISHED Mobile Smart Phone for just £69 with FREE delivery!

The Apple iPhone 4s 8GB White (Sim Free / Unlocked) Mobile Smart Phone come be used on any network you choose.

It runs IOS iOS 5 operating system and can be used as a MP3 player as well as a smartphone.

The screen is 3.5 inch and there's a Camera to take photos and capture videos. It can be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There's 8GB of internal memory for all your photos and music.

This Refurbished iPhone comes with a 12 month Argos guarantee.

If you aren't quite keen on your child having an iPhone, then there's thisMicrosoft Lumia 435 Smartphone* sold by Tesco Outlet on eBay for just £29 delivered.


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  • Kerrell S.

    Anyone know if you can play pokemon go on this ?

    • Laura C.

      You can't. My daughter has one and she can't get it.

      • Kerrell S.

        Ah right no good then :( thanks for that hun x

        • Danielle F.

          I've got this phone and have Pokemon go x

          • Zara A.

            Yeah u can X

            • Becci W.

              Yeh u can on this. It's just the iPhone 4 u can't play on

            • Emma S.

              The medion smartphone in aldi are a great phone and good value at £69

              • Kimberley S.

                Thanks x

                • Sarah M.

                  Thts a good price like x

                  • Joanne B.

                    this is a good price and unlocked too. Xx

                    • Vickie H.

                      As a present? Xxx

                      • Nicola T.

                        That would do for the wee man:grinning:x

                        • Nicola T.

                          Would save me a packet. X

                          • Andrew S.

                            Good little phone my still going now from new. But battery don't last long. About 2days if lucky.

                            • Katie W.

                              Thank you :blush:

                              • Leona W.

                                Iphone 4s won't update after September.