50 Percent Off Photo Mugs Today Only @ Photobox


I recently reviewed the truly fabulous photo mug designed especially for Mother’s Day by the Breast Cancer Campaign and Photobox and it was both cost effective and cool. Now you can nab yourself any one of their stunning designs for half price for today only.

Making a personalised mug is really easy as the software does all the work for you. I can honestly tell you that it’s pretty hard to screw it up. The mugs are all down to as little as £4.12 until midnight tonight so you have a bit of time to get yourself one.

There are quite a few different themes to choose from too including: baby, Christmas, classic, for mum, for him, kids, love, nature and spots and stripes. The kids ones are pretty cute as are the Just for... range. Overall, not too cheesy and not too weird for a good looking mug.

Frankly this deal has turned me into a mug maniac and I’ve had enormous fun creating mugs for The Husband and my daughter. Enjoy!

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