4 Months Of Amazon Music Unlimited 99p @ Amazon (Expired)

4 Months Of Amazon Music Unlimited 99p

If you LOVE music then you'll be over the moon with this offer from Amazon! They are currently offering FOUR months of unlimited music with Amazon Music for just 99p! Note - this offer is for new subscribers only and for Amazon Prime customers only.

What is Amazon Music? It's a subscription service that allows you access to over 40 million different songs! Never again will you have to listen to the same songs over and over in the car, or at the gym.

Make your own playlists, or select one of the ones of the ones that Amazon suggests.

The best bit is that this Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal alternative features NO ADS - so you can listen to your music uninterrupted.

You can listen to the music via any device! This offer is SO good, I signed up right away.

Amazon Music Unlimited will cost £7.99 after the trial, for Amazon Prime Members, but you can cancel once the 3 months is over.

This offer expires on 17th July 2018.


  • Alison F.

    Thanks for this as an existing prime member I was paying £7.99 for it so I've cancelled. No way am I paying £7.99 when others pay 0.99p!

    • Lindsay C.

      You have to have Amazon Prime to get the offer?

    • Alison F.

      I'm prime already and paying £7.99 for the past 6 months. I checked my account and it didn't say anything about 0.99p for 4 months so I've cancelled as I'm not paying over the odds.

  • Sally S.

    So of your already a prime member you have to pay the full whack

  • Lucy B.

    Thx I might do that. :sunglasses: well worth it.

  • Ali T.

    I already got it :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Rachel M.

    Has anyone got the deal I can only get £7.99 a month :weary: xxx

  • Rachel B.

    Is this just for prime users?

  • Martyn D.

    A cant get it ive already used the trial

  • Doco M.

    Not sure how that would work with having unlimited on the echo?

  • Adam S.

    Doesn't work on Google home.

  • Giles L.

    Subscribed last month :persevere::persevere::persevere:

  • Simon J.

    Yesssss!!! :thumbsup_tone3::thumbsup_tone3::thumbsup_tone3::thumbsup_tone3::thumbsup_tone3::thumbsup_tone3::thumbsup_tone3:

  • Anna M.

    I was just thinking of this earlier :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

  • David M.

    Get it hurry up :ok_hand::ok_hand:x

  • Peter V.

    That’s on an individual plan, if you forget to cancel after 4 months it’s £7:99 pm

  • Sarah D.

    Unlimited music should only be £3.99 pm if you’re already a prime member, no?

  • Alex C.

    I will take a look thank you lovely xx

  • Sophie S.

    I’ve already had it and it says for new customers only :tired_face:

  • Paul S.

    Yeah we pay for unlimited music. It's not much can't think how much though

  • Gemma W.

    Can u have it on ur phone?

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