Tooth Fairy Door

toothFairyDoor This might be sailing a bit close to Workshop Wednesday territory, but I came across this Tooth Fairy Door on Parent Hacks and it's SO cute I couldn't resist!

I have a thing about wobbly teeth - not a positive thing, but a horrible, shuddering loathing of them.

I squirmed my way through the Teenagers teeth-falling-out days and I'm dreading my youngest coming home from school one day and announcing he's got a wobbly tooth.

I just KNOW he's going to be one of those children who love to play with it and wobble it around whilst trying to say, "LOOK mum!  Look how wobbly this is!" *wobble wobble*

THEN it gets even worse, when it's just about to come out completely, when they can flick it, and twist it around, with their tongue!

All of that loathing, however, doesn't diminish my desire to make this Tooth Fairy Door for putting fallen teeth into, ready for Tooth Fairy collection.

It's not all airy-fairy though - what if you have a child who doesn't rejoice in the delight of wobbly teeth?!

What if they're really upset by the whole experience?  Making a Tooth Fairy Door might just help you both out and make the whole process a little less traumatic; dare I say exciting, even, opening the door to a secret land and seeing whether their tooth has been collected, with some money left in its place.

(Do you still leave money?  It's been so long since I've had to deal with wobbly teeth, I have no idea what the protocol is any more, or the going rate!  It was 10 pence when I was little 50 pence when the Teenagers were losing their teeth 10 years ago!)

I would have LOVED to have had a door leading to a magic fairy world when I was little, and is the sort of thing childhood memories are made of.

HURRAH for believing in the Tooth Fairy!

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