PlayPennies Exclusive: Two Free Weekend Boxes

PlayPennies Exclusive: Two Free Weekend Boxes

Weekend Box ClubWeekend Box has a great offer for PlayPennies readers - sign up using the link below, and you can get your first and your fifth Weekend Boxes for free. Of course that means you have to buy your second, third and fourth boxes, but then you get your fifth free again.

Now, I am a huge fan of these boxes. We have been getting them for about a year, and while we don't do them every weekend, especially in the summer time, we keep them to one side. Over the winter that has been amazing, because it's meant on tap, drop of a hat craft activities for my kids through the cold weather and packing house and moving and unpacking - times when I'd normally not have a lot of time for coming up with craft ideas or even knowing where to find they glue!

At the moment we're saving them up for the Easter break, because knowing that it's Easter weekend, it's bound to be raining, and who wants bored children when you have a house full of people!

Weekend Boxes are normally £15 a month for two deliveries, but you can stop and start as you like, pausing the boxes during term time for example, or whatever works for you!



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