Googly Eyes £1.47 @ Amazon

Googly Eyes £1.47 @ Amazon

100 Black and White wiggly/wobbly/googly eyes are yours for just 48p on Amazon – add 99p for postage and it’ll be £1.47 to your door – that’s half of what I paid in a craft shop a few weeks ago!

Ah! Googly eyes! The mark of the crafty parent? Getting googly eyes stuck all over, with glue sticking your fingers together! Gah. Yesterday’s Workshop Wednesday saw me sticking eyes on socks and bottles. As you do.

So the googly eyes come in assorted sizes – 7, 10 and 15mm options and while it doesn’t say it in the details, a commenter says that these are self-adhesive, meaning you don’t have to fuss about with glue. Bonus.

The reviewers are really positive, and they think these are great and would go nowhere else for them, and apparently the delivery is pretty fast too!

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD



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