No Fiddle, No Fuss, Just Food

26 January 2011

jm_ls_whisk Sometimes cooking for a family is a REAL faff, especially if you're the one doing it all the time.

Culinary inspiration can abandon you, you're bored of cooking the same old things week in week out, month in month out, and dare I say it...YEAR in year out!

Combine that with the life of a parent being a busy one, ferrying kids around here there and everywhere - to gymnastics, to swimming, to karate, to playdates etc, there just isn't time to spend ages in the kitchen.

There are lots of recipe books on the market for making quick meals BUT...not all of them come with an iPhone app (yes, I'm still in app mode).

James McIntosh is an award-winning cookery writer who believes...

"...that anyone can cook a great family dinner costing less than a fiver using everyday groceries.

"I'm here to help you produce fantastic results with an everyday budget and everyday food. I don't believe in fuss, just keeping it simple."

Awesome, that's just the sort of kitchen talk I like to hear; I'm off to see what I can cook for dinner tonight that isn't spaghetti bolognese!

TOPICS:   Crafting for Kids

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