Make A Fairy Name Plate £3.99 @ Amazon

This Make a Fairy Name Plate kit has only been reduced a little bit by Amazon - down to £3.99 from £5.49 - but to be honest, it looks so lovely I'd happily pay full price for it.

I've just ordered one of these my great-niece for Christmas time; she's so pretty and fairy-like herself, that she should have a Fairy Name Plate on her bedroom door.  Combine that with the fact she absolutely adores making things means I've just bought her a winning Christmas pressie and earned a stack of Great-Aunty brownie points.

In the box, she'll get a bag of quick-drying plaster, a mould and some paints and glitter to decorate her Fairy Name Plate with when it's been cast.

This is also the sort of thing that's very handy to keep stashed away in the emergency present drawer (don't tell me you still haven't got one, we've been recommending things to put in one for almost two years now!), I can't think of any young girly who wouldn't love to make and decorate her own Fairy Name Plate for her bedroom door.

All the usual Amazon malarkey applies: they might put the price up if they feel so inclined and you can have it delivered for free using the SuperSaver delivery option.

Thanks to Joltek at HUKD

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