Fairy Doors From £2 @ The Works

Fairy Doors From £2 @ The Works

Are your children fascinated by fairies at the bottom of the garden or asking how the tooth fairy gets into the house? You could create a little bit of magic for them by getting a fairy door for just £2 at The Works.

This is a plain wooden door that you can decorate, paint or finish as you wish, or just leave it as the natural wood. It looks from the picture as though this door might actually open which makes it a little different from some of the others on sale, though this may cause a problem with little ones opening it to see where the fairies go! (Magic is usually the answer though, it normally answers all fairy questions.)

The £2 Fairy Door is exempt from promotions so voucher codes will not work on this one, but as it's so cheap anyway it would only make a few pence difference.

Home delivery is free on orders of £20 or more or £2.99 when you spend less, or you can click and collect from The Works stores for free.

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  • Carly W.

    maybe try this?

  • Cathy J.

    how fab x

    • Paula M.

      Brilliant xx

  • Gemma C.

    ?? :joy:

    • Mike T.

      Pass me the chainsaw :smiling_imp:

  • Katie S.

    Wow my daughter would love that sitting in the garden

  • Sharron A.

    . mines not quite as good but not far off lol ️xx

  • Lorna J.

    - make me one for my birthday?? X

  • Laura F.

    - after you talking about fairies. Get Angus on the case!

  • Clare H.


  • Sarah L.

    a seen this they are fab eh!! xxx

  • Kirsty M.

    Defo! Xxx

  • Cecilia K.

    Too nice to leave outside! My girls would love one

  • Lula T.

    Awww...thank you lovely:heart_eyes::heart:X X x

  • Laura B.

    people need to get their fairy fix from somewhere :heart_eyes:

  • Samantha G.

    here's a task for grandad at the shed! X

  • Charlotte E.

    Oh my gaaaawd! you need one of these in your new garden for all the girlies!

  • Samantha G.

    here's a task for grandad at the shed! X

  • Helen W.

    Look at this ! x

    • Julie B.

      Gunna get Tony on making one I love it x

  • Susan L.

    can you knock a few of these up?! :wink:

  • Kim F.

    What! £500! I was expecting it to be expensive but not that expensive.

  • Diane E.

    i want one xx

  • Jenny C.

    OMG love that!!!!!!

  • Vee B.

    Love it I want one !!!

  • Kathryn W.

    this would be good for your elf on the shelf x

  • Vicki S.

    for the tree stump!! Xx

  • Jodie B.

    Bloody good find Mrs!! Xx

  • Aileen R.

    , would be nice for nursery at ChrIstmas x

  • Shawnie B.

    Should get these and decorate them xx

  • Rebecca M.

    how much fun would this be

    • Mandy W.

      Ohh cool!!

  • Thirza O.

    We've already got this exact one! They are really good. You can get them from the works. I haven't done a Xmas one yet so will have a go. Thankyou xx

  • Katie M.

    That's fab thanks!! That's a great idea :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Hayley H.

    Love it!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Karen R.


  • Sue B.

    So cute!

  • Natalie G.

    Oooh I might do this! I've already made a tooth fairy one for the girls but an elf ones sounds fun xx

  • Claire A.

    I got the one from the card factory only £1.99 and mounted it onto a shelf with fake snow and lights xx

  • Casey C.

    Cant go wrong for £2 :) xx

  • Nicolle M.

    activity to do with the girls?

    • Jacqueline A.

      i bought them a fairy door already, might make a christmas one though xx

  • Louise D.

    good for ur crafting !!!

  • Teresa L.

    Thank you!!! :christmas_tree: xxx

  • Kirsty M.

    They are super cute. Xxx

  • Jade S.

    I have an elf door :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Jess C.

    a couple of these would be cute dotted around the room xx

    • Victoria W.

      Aw cute you can get them from the works xx

  • Katie M.

    I'm on pintrest looking for ideas on how to decorate lol xxx

  • Laura B.

    Noah would love that!

  • Chantelle Y.

    Ahh this is cool i was only thinking about starting xmas today so might be my first buy lol xx

  • Cheryl G.

    lets get one and paint it :)

  • Jodie P.

    Ahh cute :two_hearts:

  • Zoe F.

    Isla could paint her own xx

  • Kirsty M.

    Yeah Kian loves his elf gate. Xxx

  • Carly C.

    I've started Christmas shopping already! There's too many kids lol X

  • Rachel C.

    Thanks! We should do one of these for the classroom too :grinning: xx

  • Emma S.

    So cute!!! :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Lesley W.

    im ordering these do you want any

  • Samantha S.

    All ordered :blush: xx

  • Gill C.

    You can buy one of these and make a Christmas elf door :santa_tone2::santa_tone2:

  • Lindsay C.

    these look good do your own xxx

  • Jenny A.

    to decorate for elf on the shelf :grin:

  • Steph H.

    Ooh really that's good! X

  • Emma G.

    Think I might have a look in the works when I next go into town xxx

  • Emma-louise S.


  • Jilly O.

    Me to ..I need this ha xxx

  • Patricia P.

    Elf doors :-)

  • Annmarie S.

    these will be good xxxx

  • Tina B.

    they are lovely. never seen them before .

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