Doodle Faces Drawing Kit £2.99 @ Play

Doodle Faces Drawing Kit £2.99 @ Play

I suppose drawing 'kit' could be stretching things a bit far, but if I just said 'Doodle Faces' that could mean anything! The usual price for this Doodle Faces drawing kit is £5.99 but you can pick one up from Play for just £2.99.

Even though I do say so myself, I'm rather good at drawing.  Give me something to copy and I can draw you almost an exact replica, as long as it's already been drawn - I can't draw from photographs, but a drawing of a photograph...piece of cake.

However, faces have always given me trouble - cartoon or otherwise; I just find them impossibly difficult, so I'm rather tempted by this Doodle Faces drawing kit.

It comes with a little book that tells you how to doodle lots of different faces, a pencil with a rubber and 35 feet of drawing paper; awesome!  The reviews are good too...

"Bought these for a present for my childrens friends because it was something different but I've lost them to my children as soon as they saw them they were claimed as their own.

Great for keeping them quiet and entertained for a while shows step by step how to draw great pictures, gives great results even if your not the best of artists. Comes complete with paper and pencil and very neat and small, Would be good if you had a long car journey too. Superb gift at a reasonable price."

There's no delivery to pay on orders placed at Play, so £2.99 the total amount you'll be paying for your Doodle Faces - unless you buy more than one of course!

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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