DIY 'Snowman Soup' For Gifts Or Winter Warming

DIY Snowman Soup

My kids recently discovered 'Snowman Soup' and it's such a staple in our home these days - never mind them bouncing off the walls! - that I thought it would be a great gift for friends this Christmas, and if not a gift, a perfect winter warmer when you come in from Christmas caroling.

For 'Snowman Soup' you'll need:

This is such an easy recipe, the kids can  pretty much make it, with a bit of help when it comes to adding the boiling water.

DIY Snowman Soup

If you're making these into gifts, you can put the candy canes upright around the glass, but just dropping them in so that they're visible is good too. Ideally, keep them separate from the drinking chocolate so that they don't go all brown.
DIY Snowman Soup

When you're ready, pour boiling water or milk into the jar, mixing it up and allowing the candy canes to melt.   The result will be a sweet, creamy, minty and delicious hot chocolate, or Snowman Soup. Snowman Soup4

Great for gifting, and for staying warm!

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