Crayola Inspirational Art Case £12.99 @ Argos

Crayola Inspirational Art Case £12.99 @ Argos


When I was little I spent most of my time at the kitchen table creating works of art. My Crayola pens were my pride and joy and I would use them until they ran out. If you have a child or a couple of children who are into drawing then this is the deal for you. The Crayola Inspirational Art Case has been reduced to just £12.99 from £19.99. To be honest it looks worth the twenty quid.

There are over 150 items in the Crayola Inspirational Art Case. Here's a breakdown of what's inside it: 64 Crayons, 22 Half Length Pencils, 20 Pip Squeak Markers, 20 Supertips and 30 Sheets of Paper. That's a heck of a lot of stuff for under thirteen quid!

The case looks durable and very handy to keep all of your child's drawing paraphernalia neat and tidy. It's like a suitcase and has clips to secure it shut. This is just begging to be carted around, to the childminders, to granny's or anywhere else.

You can reserve and collect the Crayola Inspirational Art Case from your local Argos for FREE or pay £3.95 for home delivery.

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