Crayola Bug Rocks £2.99 @ Amazon

15 February 2011

crayolaBugRocks Amazon have whipped 39% off the price of this cute Crayola Bug Rocks set and are selling it for £2.99, rather than £4.88 (<--- some of their original prices are so random, why not just make it £4.99 or a straight fiver?)

I have a real soft spot for little projects like this Crayola Bug Rocks set.

With half-term looming already - not sure how that's possible as my little and not-so-little 'cherubs' have only just gone back to school after Christmas! - something like Crayola Bug Rocks will make for a fun and inexpensive way to kill an afternoon.

Let's face it, this half-term isn't at the best time of year for being able to throw them (the kids that is) outside in the garden to play for hours on end, so messing around with Crayola Bug Rocks, creating some cute little bug dudes, is a great indoor half-term boredom solution.

The concept is very simple -  colour in the rocks, add the body parts, stick on the finer details and then play with your new creepy crawly friends.

The Crayola Bug Rocks set also comes with a game and some groovy bug glasses to make and wear; awesome for £2.99 I reckon and if you order now with the SuperSaver delivery it should arrive in plenty of time for half-term

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD

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