Chad Valley Craft Trunk £11.24 @ Argos

Chad Valley Craft Trunk £11.24 @ Argos

Argos have lots of deals on various Chad Valley things at the moment; one of the deals that stood out, for me, was this Chad Valley Craft Trunk.

The usual price is £14.99, Argos have reduced it by 25% which brings it down to £11.24.

If you have an arty crafty child in your family then you might want to take a look at this Chad Valley Craft Trunk - it comes jam packed with all sorts of arty bits and pieces and is serious value for money, in my opinion.

Here's what you get:

  • 75 coloured feathers, 20 assorted pom poms, 35 assorted pipe cleaners, 20 coloured lolly sticks, 10 sheets of A4 paper.
  • 10 coloured straws, 10 pairs of goggle eyes, 3 sheets of A5 felt, 3 glitter glues, 3 rolls of wool yarn, 3 coloured tissue rolls, glue, 1 pair of safety scissors, pack of confetti, 140 EVA shapes.
  • Craft instruction booklet.

It's suitable for kiddies aged three years and older and is available for both in-store collection or home delivery, which will cost you an additional £5.95.

There are 22 pages of happy reviews to read through on the Argos site; having had a quick skim through a lot of them, the general consensus of opinion is the scissors are a bit too 'health and safety' as they don't cut very well.  But other than that everyone seems very happy with the Chad Valley Craft Trunk.

Happy Crafting!


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