Blendy Pens: Creative Posters And Pens set £5.99 @ Play

7 March 2012

This Blendy Pens: Creative Posters and Pens set is just the sort of thing that is ideal for stashing away in the present/for a rainy day drawer and Play are selling it for £5.99, at the moment, rather than £9.99.

This is also the sort of thing that, as a parent when the children were young, would have made my blood run cold!  It's the 'blendy' bit and 'fusion chambers' that does it - you just know that's going to be the FUN PART as far as the youngsters are concerned and it just sounds MESSY!

In the Blendy Pens: Creative Posters and Pens set comes 12 posters, 12 blendy pens and six of these 'fusion chambers' (they do sound cool, even with the messy implication), four sheets of A4 paper and an instruction book.

According to the official Blendy Pens blurb you can make 132 different colour combinations with those 12 Blendy Pens and fusion chambers!

This Blendy Pens: Creative Posters and Pens set is suitable for budding artists and creative types aged six years and over; there's no delivery to pay on UK orders either so £5.99 is your total cost.

Thanks to Syzable at HUKD

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