Bendaroos 500-Piece Mega Pack £3.45 @ The Entertainer

Bendaroos 500-Piece Mega Pack £3.45 @ The Entertainer

If you haven't come across Bendaroos yet then you're in for a treat and this 500-piece Bendaroos Mega Pack is just £3.45, at The Entertainer, rather than £15.

You know, I rather fancy buying this Bendaroos Mega Pack just to mess around with myself!  They look like the sort of thing I could 'doodle' with on my desk when I'm hanging on the phone in a queue or when I'm banging my head against the proverbial brick wall and just need to do something else for 10 minutes; okay, and my youngest son would love them too.

Bendaroos are coloured string coated in wax that you can bend and shape into 2D or 3D models or shapes.  They stick to paper, glass, plastic, and each other, they also unstick so you can use them again to make new models.

In this Bendaroos Mega Pack you get 500 pieces in 12 different colours - half in rainbow colours and half in neon - along with a guide to give you some ideas for Bendaroos models if you get a bit stuck and need some inspiration.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD


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