Animal Scarf Crochet Patterns

I ADORE scarves!  Tamsin came to stay for the weekend a couple of years ago (it could be three actually) and during that time, she knitted me the most AMAZING scarf.

I don't know if I should be ashamed to admit that I have more than 10 scarves; one of my favourites is an original Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf, made by the company who were contracted to make all the Harry P scarves for the Philospher's Stone (my ex-mother-in-law has contacts *wink*) - it even has a Hogwarts label sewn into it.

Anyway, my youngest son does NOT share my love of scarves and every winter, since he's been able to take them off, we've been battling to keep a scarf around his neck; he's a devil with hats too!

I wonder if he'd be persuaded if I made him one of these crocheted animal scarves that I can across today?

I can't crochet (a minor detail) but I reckon I could learn pretty quickly - thanks to various online tutorials and lessons, along with various books from the library OR, I could pounce on various friends who are rather adept at using a crochet hook.

The patterns are available for $6 each which, with an approximate exchange rate of $1.5 to one of our Great British Pounds, works out to be around £3.75 - the pattern will be emailed to you within 24 hours of payment (or you can choose any three for $15 - approximately £9.40).

I'm rather smitten with the lion and the puppy - the reindeer is rather cute too and would be great to make and give as a Christmas gift; I'm not sure about the fox though, he just looks a bit too real somehow!

Happy crocheting animal scarves!

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