5 DIY Play Dough Recipes

5 DIY Play Dough Recipes Play dough is a firm favourite in our house, and it's so easy to make and personalise, you'll soon find that you can make and personalise it to your needs. We do seasonal sensory boxes, for example, so you could make pastel colours for spring, yellows and browns for autumn, glittery play dough for birthdays, red and green for Christmas. The options are limitless. We've even tried a white glittery one for winter. The kids loved it.

There are a number of different schools of thought when it comes to play dough with options like cooked or uncooked, or even gluten free if you need that as an option. Since it's all made using actual food stuffs, there's no toxicity to it either - assuming you don't put none edible glitter or bits into it, that is.

The Imagination Tree is the place to go for all things kids, so it's as great a place to start as any: with Anna's best ever no cook playdough. Using ingredients you can find in any decent sized supermarket, you can make to make this play dough recipe in just 4 minutes, and apparently it will lasts for 6 months!

Just to make sure you never run out of ideas, The Imagination Tree also offers the A-Z of Play Dough recipes and creative play activities.

Tinkerlab has another idea for very similar ingredients, but it's a cooked play dough recipe and apparently it too will last for months.

Regular PlayDoh contains gluten so it's not suitable for children who can't have it but fortunately it's easy enough to make gluten free too. You have to scroll down this page a little to get to the gluten free play dough, but this recipe is apparently great. One Creative Mommy tried three different gluten free play dough's and it gets her seal of approval.

Salt play dough is great for making decorations and things you want to paint afterwards. We made these for Christmas most years - much cheaper than going to the ceramics shop, for sure. You can bake these creations when you're done to keep them forever, but we have had success with microwaving them too - they're done in just a few minutes then. This isn't a re-use recipe though. If you leave it the dough dries out, even sealed.

Finally, this home made modeling clay recipe is different to anything else I've tried. It looks like buttercream icing. Apparently it air dries really and is great for painting once dried too.

What's your favourite play dough recipe?

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