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Kip Travel Cots have been reduced from £80 to £29.90 at I think £80 is overshooting the mark a bit anyway, as I'm sure you can find a perfectly good travel cot for nearer £60, but on sale this is a really good price.

(...since who knows how much sleep you're going to get on the road anyway!)

We never had a real cot as our room was to small for the sleigh I would have liked, so we just bought a travel cot, but over time it really became more of a day bed, and later a storage unit for too small clothes. We did take it travelling with us once or twice, but found it too big to put up in the tent, and too cumbersome in hotel rooms with large beds. But I know people who take them everywhere, or who use them as safety pens in the kitchen or outdoors. Not that that's their recommended use, of course, but just so you know.

The travel cot is pretty lightweight at just over 9kg, and it's really easy and quick to assemble and fold up, once you know how. Give yourself a little more time the first time!

They say the mattress is padded, which is a bonus as ours is REALLY hard. The frame is sturdy and it has a wipe-clean padded trim.

The sides are made of mesh so that air can circulate freely and you can see through it to keep an eye on your baby.

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