Keep Your Made Up Face Protected With The ShowrShield

Now you can shower with a full face!
Keep Your Made Up Face Protected With The ShowrShield

We've all done it... thought we didn't need to wash our hair, then gone made ourselves look pretty, only to discover our barnet looks greasy af. No amount of dry shampoo is gonna save it, so the only thing to do is get in the flamin' shower. Like hell in re-doing my make-up though. Save your gorgeous face with the Showrshield from Etsy Seller: ShowrShield.

Shower Shield For Face

You might look at the ShowrShield and think it's a bit of a joke, or a novelty item, and to an extent it really is. Having said that, it's brilliant for those of use that spend hundreds of pounds on eyelash extensions, and microbladed brows.

Just had a surgical procedure on your face? Keep dressing and stitches clean and dry with the ShowrShield.

I have a face that's cursed with patches of eczema, and shampoo really aggravates it - the itch is unreal post-hair wash. I think this could help my skin in that respect lots.

Here's another reason... you've been at work all day and you know you should have washed your greasy mop in the morning, but it's now evening and you're needing to go out. Hmmm... but your make-up only needs a touch-up, not a complete re-do. One word - ShowrShield.

If you have a child or teen that has sensory issues, then a shower can be hectic and stressful with the water hitting the face. Calm the situation by using the ShowrShield as a barrier.

You can get the Showrshield in the UK for £24.40 delivered - additional taxes may be added onto this, as it's coming from America.

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  • Rachel J.

    this is what bobby needs :joy:

    • Sarah L.

      i need one of those now :joy:

      • Clare D.

        need this for jack

        • Rachel H.

          I’m sure this was made for me :joy:

          • Teri M.

            this is good for keeping your make up on for days once Louise has done it :joy: x

            • Lynsey W.

              they are taking over:joy:

              • Jennifer C.

                I’m getting one of these for next week :joy::joy:

                • Leanne M.

                  u could use one of the HD visors for ur shower :joy::joy::joy::joy:

                  • Nika M.

                    Oh god, I need this. I have serious sensory issues around getting my face wet in the shower.

                    • Katie S.

                      Good if you have false lashes or u can't see but now I have no lashes I love to get my face under

                      • Rebecca W.

                        And for people that sneeze around you....germs won't get us x

                        • Ellie B.

                          we should get one ahaha xx

                          • Ruthie C.

                            Just what I thought !!! :heart_eyes::raised_hands:

                            • Ruthie C.

                              You will look so sexy in the shower

                              • Trevor R.

                                Get a free facial, open the dishwasher door in mid cycle

                                • Holli D.

                                  Anyone else think that was rita ora

                                  • Shelley B.

                                    I know would help u out sooo much! Haha x

                                    • Kelly B.

                                      I need to get one for my 6yr old... Saves her wearing her goggle's in the bath when I'm trying to wash her hair :joy:

                                      • Judy B.

                                        Ha ha ye instead of me buying some goggles x