Hair Tantrums? Try A Tangle Teezer

tangleTeezer If you have to endure the torture of tangled hair tantrums in the mornings then this genius little invention could just change your life!

My teenage daughter has wash 'n' go hair, it's straight and brushes and combs g-l-i-d-e through it like silk - it's a good job she's my daughter otherwise I might not like her very much!

Our very own Tamsin's nearly five-year-old daughter, on the hand, has THE most soft, downy and beautiful spiral ringlets I've ever seen; they truly are stunning but OH MY GOODNESS they're seriously high maintenance.

I have naturally curly hair (that's bullied into straight submission on an almost daily basis) and I can tell you that ringlets do NOT like being slept on.

You can go to bed with knot-free hair and wake up with a proper case of bird's nest head.  This isn't so bad when you're older and can sort it out yourself but when you're the parent of a curly-haired child who is freaking out because you're hurting them, it's horrendous.

Agony for all involved.

All hail, then, the Tangle Teezer!

Parents - ordinary and celeb' alike - are raving about it!

One parent said she went from sending a scruffy looking stroppy urchin to school, to a beautifully coiffeured angel literally overnight.

Sophie Rayworth, the BBC News presenter, also has nothing but praise for the Tangle Teezer...

It's amazing; my three-year-old daughter won't let me use anything else on her hair. Thank you for making my mornings easier!

You can SEARCH HERE to find a salon near you that stocks them, or you can buy them directly from the Tangle Teezer website; prices start from £10.20.

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    You can also buy it at Boots

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