Crayola Make-Up Now Available At ASOS

Crayola Make-Up Now Available

I am a sucker for quirky stuff and also a Make-Up addict, so think how hard my bank balance has been hit since ASOS have started selling Crayola Make-Up! Seriously, you go check it out, and I bet you will buy something!

Prices start from £9...

Delivery is £3, or FREE when you spend £25+.

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  • Bekey C.

    My 2 year old is already into my makeup I don’t need something that looks like his crayons he will think it’s for him!

  • Chelle Z.

    ..... "my 1st make up kit" will be happy!

  • Tamsin T.

    Oh good lord :joy::joy::joy::joy: this is hilarious. Hope the black one is extra chunky and long wearing :see_no_evil::joy::joy::joy:

  • Hannah E.

    I actually watched a review about this make up last night. Il give you the link if you want it. Apparently it’s not great.

  • Natasha E.

    I actually really wanna try this range! Looks so good!

  • Madison D.

    Omg x i wonder where you can get it xxxxxxxx

  • Bronagh R.

    It is indeed a happy day! :joy::blush:

  • Kai B.

    I am so excited about this range, let's be honest sometimes it looks like I've applied it with crayons anyway :joy::joy:

  • Emma P.

    I’m sure Isabella would love it!

  • Kayleigh O.

    I could literally draw my face on :joy:

  • Jo B.

    Have you seen how much they are x

  • Sarah D.

    True story On Friday night I’d dyed my eyelashes and decided to do my eyebrows too!! Don’t know what I did but both are now blue!!! :scream:

  • April N.

    I know I can’t wait to buy some :heart_eyes:

  • Tasha M.

    Finally make up I might actually be able to use

  • Michelle P.

    My make up looks like I've used crayons :crayon: anyway lol :joy::kiss:

  • Michelle P.

    Just had a look at the link... I'm going to buy it all :joy::crayon::heart:

  • Kat E.

    I nearly bought some the other day :see_no_evil:

  • Sarah C.

    surely not with kids around hahh

  • Lizzie R.

    I've watched reviews of it. It's really bad apparently :thinking:

  • Leanne S.

    I know I really wanna try these!!!

  • Kirsty M.

    What on earth??!! :joy: I need this!! X

  • Caroline H.

    Oh my goodness! If only it were my birthday in July! :grin::grin::grin:

  • Amy B.

    Omg the big kid inside is telling me I need these lol x

  • Katie C.

    Omg there so cool xxx:joy:

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