Clinique High Impact Mascara £13.12 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: CrazyKangaroo

Clinique High Impact Mascara £13.12

Everyone has a favourite mascara and one of the top sellers in the UK is High Impact Mascara from Clinique. I am a massive fan, as well as many friends and bloggers. If you like your lashes to really stand out then this is the Mascara for you.

Go to a Clinique counter in the likes of Debenhams or Boots and High Impact Mascara will set you back £17.50. Go over to Amazon and you can get it for just £13.12 including FREE delivery from seller: CrazyKangaroo.

Wondering how good Clinique High Impact Mascara is? Read the reviews - it's certainly a popular piece in many make-up bags.

If this is something that you buy on a regular basis then, what a bonus to save £4.38 on it. This is the cheapest price I have ever seen it for, so now's the time to buy it, if you wanted to try it out.

This Mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes too. If you like a false lash effect then you will go daft for this.

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