The Range Competition: Win a £100 Gift Voucher On PlayPennies!

*** Competition now closed, winner was Jodie! ***

It's time for another competition to award one of our lovely PlayPennies parents. This week, we've got hold of a £100 gift voucher from, which can be used on anything in store.

If you haven't heard of The Range, they sell a wide variety of items from bedroom furniture to Garden Furniture and everything in between with Kitchen wares, arts and crafts products and even pet supplies! I am sure it would be super-easy to spend £100 there, especially now that the warmer weather is starting to show itself, and there are some great ideas for summer living.

Now, down to the nitty-gritty:

Prize: £100 gift voucher from The Range to be used in any one of their 63 nationwide stores

How to enter: Click through to The Range and tell us about what you would spend your £100 voucher on.

Just leave a comment below to enter.

Bonus entries

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  • UK entrants only
  • Competition period: 23rd to 30th April 2012
  • One type of each competition entry per household
  • Competition subject to change and admins decision is final in all cases

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  • bexslee3
    I would spend this on a bistro set and a sandpit, something fun for the outside:D
  • weeburs
    i would buy the venice 3 piece bistro set.... it would look fab in my garden! :)
  • keskangaroo
    I would but the helicopter garden chair. Just the think for the long hot summer we're going to have!
  • AR2012
    A new coffee table for the living room
  • su77y
    Towards a chimnea & a gazebo
  • rpoynter
    I would put it towards a Rio Sofabed
  • NiKMae
    I would buy the Venice Firepit. The other half has been wanting one since last year!
  • emilias
    probably a small table
  • Squirrel
    I'd kits my house out with pictures - I want a nice one for above my fireplace. :-)
  • maud2979
    I would buy a mixture of paint, blinds and bits and bobs for the house, give it a nice spruce up.
  • Sorrelp
    I would put the money towards buying the Supra Oyster Faux Leather Sofabed because I need a new sofa and I would love somewhere guests could sleep when they stay! :)
  • MarionC
    sometthing to sit on in the sun, when ever summer doth finally come!
  • Gail70
    i would spend it on garden things for all the family to enjoy together in summer
  • juliedee
    never been before, so would love to browse the shop and find something!!
  • fic1962
    put it towards garden furniture for summer (if ever comes this year)
  • Markp66
    I would put it towards a fire pit to extend the summer nights outside
  • redvers
    I would put towards a new bed for my 4 year old. She's outgrowing her toddler bed.
  • leephilip
    I would like to buy a Jungle Safari Playpool, Morphy Richards Accents kettle Cream, and a Morphy Richards 4 slice accents toaster, that would please my grandson and also put the finishing touch to my kitchen
  • nickytu
    I would get one of the big mirrors I have been looking at when I go to the store and some other front room bits
  • chrismdillon
    something to sit on in the garden
  • hannah888
    I would put it towards a bed for my 1 year old :)
  • Martex
    I would buy a new hutch for my ferret and some toys for him to play with ( :
  • mhfore
    Sorry I haven't looked, I'd let me wife choose.
  • ml237
    New rugs for the bedroom
  • Pipw3
    I think a nice chiminea to make the most of the long summer evenings sat out and watching the sun fade from view
  • shefs17
    I'd love to use to voucher on buying the Denver 2 Seater Swing seat for my mother as I know she would really love one for the back garden,"Fingers crossed".
  • pipalf
    Id spend it on some lovely garden ornaments as they sell some super ones which are great value for money!
  • miapops1
    I am moving home very soon, so £100 will come in very useful as there is loads that I will need to buy from the range. Fingers Crossed!!!
  • mellysocks
    I would buy a bed for my son as he's sleeping on a matress at the moment.
  • DiJones
    Anything upon which to relax, holding a glass of something icy cold aaaahhhh English summers
  • lizzie48
    I would love to be able to relax in style with this item........................ My toddler is two in May so would be great to have something for myself in the garden to keep me happy while he plays with all his toys!!
  • chocfudgemunky
    Something for the kids, definitely!x
  • GrantD
  • tracynixon
  • tracynixon
    I would but the Capella Claret Rug and the Pink Mongolian Faux Fur Bean Bag! Took me ages to decides as the site has loads of great items!
  • emmauk99
    I would spend it on soft furnishings/picture frames/ mirrors etc to decorate our new home
  • llewejk
    I would put it towards a sofa bed
  • kaz0223
    I would put it towards a new set of garden furniture I'm afraid ours is looking very sorry for itself :-(((
  • 159
    i have not look but would love my husband to choose because it his birthday in a couple of months
  • angelcorfu
    I would use to buy new furniture for my daughters bedroom
  • EVB
    I would spend the money on accessories for the garden, pool and games for the kids and any money left over would go towards camping gear. Thanks (_;)
  • avery64
    After two weeks of turmoil and trauma having a new kitchen installed I would spend the money on adding the finishing touches to my dream come true :-)
  • susiemc
    Lots of lovely stuff for the garden
  • borderjoe
  • ferrismrk
    I'd buy a new office chair for my 4 year old to sit on whilst on the cbeebies website!
  • Snow_Bunny
    I'd spend it on the Poermax Carpet Washer.
  • Snow_Bunny
    i am subscribed to the daily email updates.
  • Margeisback
    I would spend the money on new kitchen equipment as ares is getting a bit old and food is cooking very well.
  • chall565
    I would spend it on craft goods for car making
  • kevinkusman
    A new coffee table
  • cheeky1968
    garden ornaments
  • mazgoli
    I would buy some paint if I won. We're trying to do up the house one room at a time. The Range is an amazing shop, I was introduced to it only last week by my daughter. Great competition.
  • srob030869
    New Garden furniture to enjoy the summer on
  • roleypoleyman
    Love The Range, I'd spend it on some gorgous art work!
  • 121Colin
    New garden table and chair
  • catterd
    I would come and have a look round and make some impulse purchases :)
  • baby4 much choice...where to start...paint for the house and the gardens a mess X)
  • susanb281
    Towels and bedding as mine are past it
  • harjittiwana
    A stroller
  • victoria61
    I need a new sofa please
  • regor2206
    new bedroom furniture
  • sian7
    i would spend it on my children and take them shopping with me if i won.They mean the world to me and i would love to treat them to everything they wanted they love the range
  • cebray
    A new nest of coffee tables
  • emy
    Some nice garden ornaments!
  • smitn
    i would buy some lovely pictures for the walls within my new home.
  • Liberty74
    A firepit for those cold summer evenings
  • rawshark99
    new rugs
  • richardx
    Probably an exercise bike and a paddling pool - perfect for going nowhere this summer
  • wizzwozz
    i would love to buy the venice 3 piece bistro set
  • t1gert1m
    i would buy garden furniture for the summer we are maybe going to have...fingers crossed lol
  • 496bus
    I would buy a Banana Umbrella to keep the rain off my garden furniture in the showers and the sun off me in the sunny weather.
  • manddu
    summer is coming we will have some lovely garden furniture and a paddling pool for the children
  • peterhead32
    would like a new lounger for the garden
  • dazzle99
    to hard to decide i need so much;)
    Some new curtains for my bedroom:)
  • pushkin123
    I would spend it on a sand pit or paddling pool for my toddler. I might even get to treat myself to a cup of tea in peace from the cafe!
  • mikeywinner
    Product ID: 398935 Havana Grill Chimenea Med - a hint of Spain in the backgarden. Petite Pois Rodney.
  • Megaskell
    Corona lamp table and nest of tables cos at the moment we have to put everything on the floor!
  • boulbyallen
    got to be a carpet cleaner freshen the carpets and a pair of those wicked speakers so i can look like ive got a wicked perm lol
  • fanny6
    Spend it on garden things for all the family to enjoy together in summer
  • assistant
    I'd choose the Denver 2 seater swing (£99.99) so I could swing away in those lazy hazy days of summer
  • franyates
    new cushions and fabric to liven up my drab lounge , more frames for my fab photos and some thing fun for my grandson to play with .
  • laurensam
    New Garden furniture and planters
  • ericonabike
    This would keep the wheels turning...
  • okeycokey
    Towards a chimnea & a gazebo
  • a666v
    would love to win this fab prize. i would spend the money on buying craft supplies for my kids and myself as i am craftaholic.
  • richx45
    A Barramundi 2 Burner Grill BBQ, ready for summertime weather! 8)
  • hazy1221
    I would love to win a nest of tables or a new coffee table for my newly decorated living room
  • bingophil
    patio table and chairs
  • Pagraco60
    I would buy a large mirror for my bedroom
  • ayewin
    1 would spend the voucher on a helicopter chair!
  • karenharrison67
    A garden hammock for our relaxing British summer!
  • prillytee
    The Helsinki 3 piece Bistro set
  • comperholic
    I would buy a new dinner service and the rest towards new pans
  • yinny64
    spend it on garden things for all the family to enjoy together in summer
  • ribs1
    a new Flexcell Memory Pocket Mattress for a good nights sleep :-)
  • lucybooshki
    I would buy a cat bed, as my cats have been seriously put out by our new addition. Some new bedding, as it now needs to be changed more regularly to to baby sick. Some blank artists canvases to make something for the nursery walls, and anything left over i'd spend on mugs...just because i'm a sucker for a pretty mug.
  • arblair13
    some lovely garden furniture to enjoy this hot summer we are going to have...
  • bunsmum
    I would treat my Dad to a firepit to thank him for everything he does for us. :-)
  • charbarcrazy
    I would buy a new microwave if I won as ours must be from the 1980's!! If I had some money left, then I may treat the kitties to something :-)
  • thechef11
    Garden furniture, so i can enjoy the sun in comfort
  • pavelow
    A coffee table for my flat
  • emsy7
    No doubt I'd be spoilt for choice so winning this could mean a long enjoyable experience at The Range!
  • debsjeav
    As a new owner of a puppy I would spend the money on stuff to spoil my puppy - too many things to list
  • skellysgirl
    i nice swing chair for the garden...and maybe some sweets too
  • berkshirebelle
    A lovely new rug for the lounge.
  • brudnyharry
    Maybe some garden furniture.
  • kernowone
    I'd love the Venice 3 piece Bistro set - I can just picture breakfast on the patio.
  • ibanezgem
    I would buy something for each of my sons from the toy/crafts section and then browse for some accessories for the lounge/kitchen, too many beautiful things to choose from such as vases, tealight/candle holders. I love my local Range and would find it easy to choose items to spend £100 on. x
  • SusannaC
    I would buy bird feeders and lots of bird foods and fill my garden with happy birdsong.
    On clothes!
  • kevincharley
    Dog chews, dog chews and more dog chews to try and save our furniture from little puppy teeth.
  • Haypressto
  • chedley
    I would take my family out for a meal
  • sheilygee
    Seems Bistro sets are popular !! I'd buy the 3 iece venice Bistro set. I have the perfect spot for it just outside my backdoor . I'd sit there for my morning coffee , then for lunch and then for an evening G&T . Weather permitting of course !!!
  • masams
    would definetly buy somthing for the garden
  • aliw1974
    new bedding for my 3 children. could do with something boystrous for my son and something princess like for my daughter and for my eldest child - something sophisticated.
  • julieannbarry
    I would spend my vouchers on art materials in your brilliant arts and craft departments
  • suedoidge
    get ready for the sun
  • Janmatt
    I would buy the children some outdoor toys to play with, fingers crossed we actually get a summer for them to be able to go outside.
  • sheenaread
    I would use it to furbish my garden for the year
  • sheppeygirl
    I would get a watch for my husband, a mixer for me and still have change for prizzies for my daughters, that's three. I looked on your site and can't believe what good value products you have for all the family
  • barrie741
    I would put it towards a bunk bed for my son so his friends can stop over!

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