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Shop at Asda? Here's a way of saving even more on your weekly groceries shop. Asda (online) are offering half price ANYTIME delivery passes at the moment, meaning that instead of paying £5 plus a month, you only have to pay from £2.50. There are some stipulations, you must spend £40+ each time you order and you have to commit to six or twelve months.

The good thing unlike some other supermarket's delivery packages is that Asda will take the £2.50 as a card payment every month. Meaning you don't have to pay a lump some to cover the full six or twelve months. You can pay it in one go if you like.

The costs of the Delivery Pass Packages are: Half Price Anytime Delivery Pass - 12 months (£2.50 per month for 12 months), Half Price Anytime Delivery Pass - 12 months (£30, also works out as £2.50 a month), Half Price Anytime Delivery Pass - 6 months (£3.00 per month for 6 months) and Half Price Anytime Delivery Pass - 6 months (£18 also works out as £3 a month).

This time of year is when you might make the most of having your groceries delivered. Bad weather might stop you driving to your local supermarket, or you may want to get your Christmas food to your door.

Asda also promise:

If your Delivery Pass doesn’t save you more than you’d have spent on standard delivery charges, we’ll give you an eVoucher for the difference.

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