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bloggerTheBlogUpNorth This week PlayPennies Loves...The Blog Up North.

HURRAH!  Another Daddy blogger - there really aren't enough of them you know.

Meet Garry (Him Up North) who's married to 'Her Up North' and together have two kids (Moppet and Wunderkind; ha! You thought they were going to be Kids Up North didn't you!)

I'm inherently nosey so reading through people's blogs finding out what they're up to on a regular basis, and what makes them tick, really shouldn't be labelled as work and something I get paid for (but hey, just in case the boss is reading, I'm NOT complaining!).

So I absolutely love posts like 'When I grow up...' - Garry had designs on Simon Bates' job and rather fancies being a journo amongst other things.

I also discovered that Garry is a rugby fan and, as a SERIOUS rugby girl myself, was tickled pink that a 'discussion' with his eldest son about a PS3 game bought without permission on the paternal credit card waited until after the rugby had finished; a parent after my own heart!

(A quick note to Him Up North...if you think they're bad at 11, just wait until they hit 16!)

If you're as much of a literary voyuer as me then this blog is an absolute gem - however, if you're offended at the occasional 'naughty F word' then perhaps avoid the posts which contain them; it's ok, you don't have to play Russian Word Roulette, most come with a warning but I'm figuring you're a grown up and won't be scarred for life if you happen to come across a few you weren't warned about.

Talking of swearing, THIS post had me giggling away to myself - it's only funny because I've already been there, seen it and heard it all before - for those of you whose little angels have yet to discover the joys of that big boy of swear words (yeah, you know the one...yes THAT one!) then read on and take note.

Another list and trip down memory lane if you're of a certain age (like mine) with this Top Five Sweets of Yesteryear post - Moondust: yes. Fruit Salads: definitely but those Flying Saucers - HIDEOUS thick rice paper things with sherbert in the middle, gross!

Garry has a really easy and entertaining writing style; by the time you've lost a fair few hours in The Blog Up North you'll feel you know the whole family pretty damn well.


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  • Him N.
    Hello and thank you for this rather wonderful write-up. :-)
  • Bev
    I agree! Great blog! :)

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