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bloggerPeoniesAndPolaroids This week PlayPennies Loves...Peonies and Polaroids.

I couldn't resist this blog title as I adore Peonies and the polaroid bit, well I'm a photographer so there had to be a link to photography there somewhere; and there was/is.

Meet Cara.  She's 26, a photographer and lives in Glasgow (funny, last week's PlayPennies Loves author also lives in Glasgow...) and she has two little girls with her husband Nye.

The first thing that should strike you is how stunning the photography is - they have a really warm feel to them, which I love.

It was also SO lovely, for me, to read a photographer echoing the same thought I had a little while ago, having recently bought her first camera phone...

"Yes I'm a photographer, yes I have big fancy cameras that cost A Lot Of Money and yes I shouldn't really love crappy, small, clichéd vintage-effect jpegs, but I do.

Snapping away over the last month has satisfied me in a way that taking photos with my big ole' SLR hasn't done for years."

I'm very glad that two of my children are, pretty much, grown up now and that my youngest is like a little five-year-old adult; rolling babies who are just dying to be on the move are only any fun, and funny, when they are someone elses!

"...dressing her is not unlike trying to put clothes on a springer spaniel (there's a reason you see very few springer spaniels in clothes)", that made me properly laugh out loud.

Cara's twin girls are six months old; her description of how she felt listening to 'Push Kick' by Hollie McNish has really made me want to listen to it too and perhaps, as my kids are older, the truth will be easier to handle and I might find myself nodding along like a wise old sage, rather than feeling knocked for six by it.

"She didn't warn me. Cate didn't warn me...I would have to remind myself to breath, not because laughter was choking me but because for a few moments truth was laid bare in front of me and it was overwhelming."

OHHHKAAY! So I was wrong - I just listened to the first two and I'm not a wise old sage at all; bugger.

You can LISTEN to 'Push Kick' for free online; you can also choose to make a donation and Holly will send any money received to - a charity educating young girls in Africa.

There's lots more to read over at Peonies and Polaroids; I'm so very glad I went there today, I hope you will too.

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