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This week PlayPennies loves Mum in the Mad House.

The first two posts I read over at Mum in the Mad House made me smile with, both, empathy and nostalgia; the third had me in tears and made my heart ache, so I'm loving Mum in the Mad House as a way to send a virtual PlayPennies hug to Jen.

The one where I moan about the Nativity really made me chuckle.  I've 'done' more Nativities than I care to remember and missed my youngest's last year as I was away in South Africa; this year we (me and my ex-husband) were supposed to be going to the evening performance tomorrow but they SOLD OUT of tickets - it's only for Reception and Year One for goodness sake! - so we're going to the one o'clock performance on Thursday afternoon instead.

The thing is, my daughter needs to be right across the other side of the county at midday for her Army selection tests. So not only will I have dump her and make a mad dash cross-county BUT I just KNOW I'll need to get there ASAP or fall foul of the very thing that Jen describes in her post...

"as soon as the doors opened there was a mad dash through the corridor to the lower school hall and people running for chairs as though they were sunbeds that some German tourist might claim and not content with one chair, oh no they claimed 3 or 4 for their friend who was just behind them - yeah right."

The A Little Legacy - Christmas post took me back to my childhood christmasses; my mum used to make decorations from crepe paper and hang them from the ceiling.  I loved helping her make them and decorate the tree - it's a far cry from my own adult decorative tastes and I wouldn't have crepe deccies hanging up now, but thinking about them always evokes such strong memories.

We used to go to my paternal grandparent's house on Christmas Eve, stay home on Christmas Day and then go to my maternal grandparent's for a big family party (with more presents, fancy dress and all sorts) on Boxing Day.

Jen has lots of decorations that are older than her, that she inherited from her mum which brings me to the post that made my eyes well up with tears and feel compelled to send her this virtual PlayPennies hug.

Jen's mum died last Christmas Eve and this years is proving tough for her; please don't NOT read it because it's sad and, yes, it will probably make you cry, but I think it serves as an important reminder to treasure the people we're close to, not take them for granted and look after them the way Jen did with her mum.

Happy Christmas to you and your family Jen; I rarely tell my mum that I love her (we're not really like 'that') but I just did and I have you to thank for that - I'll be thinking of you and yours on Christmas day this year.

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