PlayPennies Loves...Mary Poppins

maryPoppins This week PlayPennies Loves...Mary Poppins.

Nooo not Disney's Mary Poppins - although that is one of my favourite childhood movies - but THIS Mary Poppins;

If you like pretty things, flowers and making things then you're going to love Mary Poppins' blog.  It's full of beautiful arty-crafty things and projects for you to try, or perhaps just be inspired by to get on with a project of your own.

Mary's blog has such a lovely gentle, musing feel to it that it was really quite delicious wandering around it this morning; it made me want to go and raid my mum's fabric, sewing and millinery boxes and spend the afternoon just making something rather than spending, what feels like, my entire life being a slave to the internet and my computer.

If you're of a certain age then the  post about Ladybird books from childhood will take you, very rapidly, down memory lane - my all time favourite Ladybird Book was 'Downey Duckling' and I scoured secondhand bookshops for the best part of 15 years before I found a tattered old copy that now has pride of place on my bookcase.

I might just have to read Downey again this afternoon whilst making something pretty and lovely.

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