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5 December 2010

bloggerExmoorJane This week PlayPennies Loves...Diary of  A Desparate Exmoor Woman.

This is such a cushy part of my job - there a few things more voyeuristic than reading through someone's blog (other than being able to look into people's houses at Christmas time because they leave the curtains open, so you can see this year's tree and the meticulously placed baubles!); it's like reading someone's diary and knowing they'll never find out unless you tell them.

I've been reading through the Diary of a Desparate Exmoor Woman and must admit to getting totally absorbed in the Dear Santa post - it's fascinating to see what's on somoene else's Christmas list, the things they LOVE and the things they want.

I did snigger when I read this...

"And, before I go, one I forgot to include in the picky difficult category...smelly men. Men are Useless have come up with the brilliant idea of a box of grooming essentials for the kind of man who thinks Imperial Leather is posh (yes, I AM thinking of something near and dear to me)."

My friend's dad thinks Imperial Leather is dead posh...HAHAHAHAA!

I actually cackled out loud - LOLing was never going to cut it - at various stages through On the First Day of Christmas...tra la la!

*Nodded with empathy and understanding* "I am becoming a total miserable old bag.  A right Scrooge. ‘I need new clothes,’ said James. What? I’d just bought the little blighter six new pairs of socks – what more could he possibly want?"

*Looked for the dotted line that said I could sign up for this too* "I won’t be bothering to find party apparel for me. I have decided that I shall become a recluse. That way it won’t matter if I become the size of a large bungalow. I shall become the batty old lady who lives at the top of the hill and small children will cross their fingers as they go past the house."

The cackling came at the two pictures which follow in the post - one a picture of festive photographic cheesy happiness!

An image of festive fun and frolicks in the snow with the obligatory dog;  clearly no-one caring less whether or not the turkey will be cooked on time, or cursing the fact they didn't buy those Aunt Bessie's Instant Crunchy Roast Spuds after all.

The other picture, the one that depicts the more likely Crimbo scenario with 'Exmoor Jane'....OHHH I'm cackling again, hahaa!!  You'll just have to go and have a look for yourselves, it's too funny.

Here's a bit of blurb about Exmoor Jane...

One husband (Adrian), one child (James), one truly revolting dog (Asbo Jack, one rather sweet one (The Soul Puppy) all living,working and barking in the Bonkers House. Juggling life and wondering who stole the last ten years? Is this what they call midlife motherhood?

Can't Cook? Won't Cook - cue more cackling and head nodding...

"We were met in the kitchen classroom by several brace of pheasants. Hmm, brace. In other words, two. One each. I got as far as spreading the legs on mine and rearranging a few tail feathers and then thought, sod this. Let Adrian be the caveman; I’ll be in charge of seasoning!"

Drop in at Exmoor Jane's place and at least these three things will happen:

  1. you'll realise you're not the only one who lives in a bonkers house after all
  2. you'll wonder how on earth you managed to lose a whole Sunday afternoon and Sunday dinner will be late (unless YOU have an Adrian too)
  3. you'll keep going back to find out the latest happenings with Exmoor Jane over at her Bonkers House

Enjoy - I did!

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  • exmoorjane
    Oh wowwity wow! Thank you so much... I am very honoured. Have to warn you that the latest post is X-rated! :)

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