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bloggerCountryLite This week PlayPennies loves... Country Lite.

I'm not really sure how to describe this blog to you but I properly LOVE. IT!

It's an anonymous one so I can't tell you much about the family who star in it, but I do know it's written by 'Milla' and she's a Pisces.

"What's the point then?" I hear you wonder?

Well, for starters if you want to read some fabulous writing then you can tick box number one - heck, you might even have to refer to the dictionary now and again if you weren't brought up in a big word obsessed and 'look it up!' household like I was.

I never thought I'd read the words 'maelstrom' or 'homunculus' in any of the blogs among the Tots 100 index, but there they were; joy and rapture filled my heart.

Agony, pain, laughter and empathy also featured alongside the joy and rapture, as I read the Beep post featuring 'maelstrom and homunculus' - don't be put off by the words, you've been in exactly the same situation and you too will feel the author's pain, as I did.

I love slave-driving, and clearly an entreprenurial visionary, F12 (I CAN tell you that F12 is 'the son'), who, judging by his head for figures and business profits in the 'Work' post, could be a Lord Sugar of the future!

This blog is like a collection of observations and fleeting life situations, told with such witty eloquence that you 1) wish you could write like that and 2) resolve to try, immediately!

And as a result I should already have been in Milton Keynes a couple of hours ago, mooching around the shops with my teenage daughter, musing on whether we should get an ice cream even though we've only just had lunch.

Be warned, this is a blog with magical time machine powers; hours feel like minutes and when you've finished reading, you'll have no idea where the time has gone.

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  • Milla
    wow, am very slightly speechless and very grateful. Really made my day, week, month this. Thank you so much Sarah! You're clearly very wise and gorgeous as well as being a complete star. Can I copy this, please, and use in my blog, for a bit of a boastful moment? Thanks again!

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