PlayPennies Loves…Coffee And Oxygen

PlayPennies Loves…Coffee And Oxygen

Coffee and Oxygen 1This week PlayPennies Loves ... Coffee and Oxygen.

Just this morning I was feeling oppressed with the amount of 'balls' I had to juggle. It is a busy work morning for me even if it is a Sunday, plus we've a party to go to in a few hours and for that I needed to bake brownies. And I'm on the organising committee for our PTA summer fair, and this morning was the only chance we had to do a catchup on the plans. Via email and phone.

With my other half at work, and my son pinging off the walls as the rain was keeping him inside, I thought I was going to simply implode from the stress.

Time for a break. A nice cup of coffee, a piece of toast smothered in jam, and a browse of the parenting blogs on the internet.

Coffee and Oxygen 2And then I read Coffee and Oxygen, quite possibly one of the most positive and inspiring blogs I have come across in a long time. And now I feel like I can take on the world!

I'm also wondering if it is time to do a radical change on my hair. I've had the same style for goodness knows how long, but seeing the amazing transformation in this post A New Me has made me long for a similar change.

It is written by journalist Sarah Milne. What I love the most about her writing is it's positive, and matter of fact outlook on life.

She's a single mum to three children aged from 14 to 5. That's already more than enough for one person to cope with, you'd think! Her five year old has apserger's syndrome, mild cerebral palsy and in 2008 went through a bowel transplant.

The asthma that she's had since a child has led to full blown COPD disease. That'sChronic Obstructive Airway Disease. And it means she has to do all of this while carting around an oxygen bottle.

Rather depressing you'd think but clearly Sarah's outlook on life is far from negative. Here's what she wrote about singing:

"It can be hard to get the breath to sing on a bad chest day. I wrote on Facebook at the weekend saying how amazing singing is. Some of the folk I know though William's transplant journey have CF and need or have had transplants. With lungs damaged to the extent of end stage CF it is impossible to sing. I'm so lucky, although it may be a bit breathy and weedy at times, I can sing and will always treasure and use my ability to do so."

Bravo I say! Now that's the sort of winner we should have on Britain's Got Talent.

Coffee and Oxygen 3Another one of my favourite posts is Spoons. For a lot of reasons, but also because she talks about the experiences of other parents. I find it has given me a lot more patience this morning and instead of being stressed I'm playing Lego Battleships with son while writing this, with ease! Take this for example:

"One of these is the mother of a child who has had a transplant, complications and numerous surgeries, yet he is about to go on a silver Duke of Edinburgh award hike. Where most mums struggle to find two matching hiking socks and a missing tent peg on the day before the trip, she will be working out how to fit yards of medical tubing into his rucksack among the trangia and sleeping bag."

Sarah's blog isn't full of slelf pity, or rants, which frankly would be understandable. Instead it is full of life, and positive energy. It has given me a boost just reading it!

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  • Sarah M.
    I just found this. Thank-you so much. I don't really know what to say! I just write freely on the blog, just as it comes. Loads of amazing people have given me strength and positivity sharing their stories and I'm glad I can do the same through ours. It meant so much reading this, and made me blush loads xxx