PlayPennies Loves...Bringing Up Charlie

This week Playpennies loves...Bringing Up Charlie.

If you like a blogger who writes about whatever  happens to pop into their mind at any given time, waffles (in the nicest sense of the word) around it all, asks lots of questions and then answers them in the next breath, then you're going to love Bringing Up Charlie too.

"I know I answer most of my own questions most of the time. It's a dirty rhetorical habit I've been trained to do," is from the No Comment(s) post and has to be one of my favourite lines from a blog ever - a dirty rhetorical habit, I have one of those - it drives the Teenagers nuts.

Bringing Up Charlie is written by a stay-at-home dad - a rare, but ever-increasing breed - and decide to blog about it - you can meet Tim, Charlie's dad, by clicking on the 'Meet the Blogger' video link on the right hand side of the page (what nice chap).

Tim has raised an interesting question - Does being a stay-at-home dad make you less of a man...?

"The expectation is that I should be out there hunting, bringing home the bacon and then going to watch the football and having a beer. And this expectation isn't confined to men, either."

I have my own view on this - BRAVO for the stay-at-home dad, I say; definitely no man lessening going on with any of them - but what do you think? Should they 'get out of the kitchen and back into the office where they belong?'

My non-PlayPennies life is heavily involved with nutrition, exercise and health and fitness so anything 'on a diet' related always grabs my attention - ohhh, I did chuckle at Tim's confession to his Tesco Diets nutritionist...

"It was the pork scratchings that did it. We were out last night watching Santa switch on the Christmas lights and, well, the walk with Sally to collect some piano music afterwards was long and, well, the shop was inviting and, well you know the rest... "

Pork scratchings, they're enough to led anyone (almost) into temptation!  But how about a diet that kicks off the day with a bacon sandwich?!  Diets and YOUR diet in general don't have to be boring to be healthy and good for you; pork scratchings, no - sorry, they'll never be healthy - but a bacon sarnie, OH yes - as long as you don't slop a ton of tomato ketchup on it.

One of the parental trials I've never had to negotiate is that of trying to get your children to eat vegetables; mine have always loved them, so it's always fascinating to me to read things on the subject of kids who don't.

We've all heard (and used probably) lines such as, "Carrots help you see in the dark." Well they do, it's the vitamin A in them you see, but I'd NEVER heard this one, "For every sprout you don't eat, a fairy dies!" I thought that only happened if you said you didn't believe in fairies!! <------- I learned that from Peter Pan.

If you want a good read and feel like you've 'chatted' around all sorts of things with Tim, go and pay Bringing Up Charlie a visit.

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