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bloggerFlowerFairiesAndFairyCakes With a title like Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes, we couldn't NOT love this blog really.

It's not until your baby actually arrives that you realise the enormity of the minefield you've just stumbled into; Elsie illustrates that rather nicely in her The Mumsnet Rules post - I've never been one for following rules and if something's not working for my family, even though an 'expert' has told me their way is the RIGHT way, I'll ditch it pronto!

I loved The Birkenstocks' Journey post; I have shoes that have lived a life like Elsie's beloved and infamous Birkenstocks.

It's no good, I just love all of this blog.  I know this is probably a bit of an obvious statement to make because if I'd read it and thought it was rubbish then it's highly unlikely it would feature in PlayPennies LOVES!

But rather than a diary of daily events, Elsie's blog is more of a snapshot into key moments, or those that she wanted to share.

I can identify with so many of them - All By Myself, in particular, had me smiling and it still happens to me now when I find myself in the car NOT playing parent taxi for the teenagers.

Tales of camping terror, toddler driving and playground tears (Elsie's, not her daughters') make this blog a touching, interesting and amusing read.

Elsie has a lovely easy way with words, is eloquent and witty with a knack of bringing every post to life.

Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes is a blog worthy of a Sunday afternoon visit, with an obligatory fairy cake (or two) of course!

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  • Elsie B.
    Accidentally stumbled across this - wow - what a lovely write-up - thank you so much! Have added your badge to my sidebar :)

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