iPad 2 Comp Winner Announcement!


We're excited to let you know the results of the recent iPad 2 competition here on PlayPennies, iSave, iWrite, iPad. We had over 50 entries which we were quite excited to see, as it required a bit of creative thinking, rather than just sticking your name into a hat.

There were a number of entries that stood out, but we were only able to choose one winner. It is:

Congrats Cheryl!

Here are some words from an excited competition winner, Cheryl:

I was over the moon to discover an email waiting for me when I got home from work today telling me that I'd won the iPad ! I never dreamed I'd win in a million years so I was absolutely delighted ! My 9-year-old daughter has already asked if she can have it (er, sorry but no !!) and started telling me about all the great things you can do on it (she obviously knows more than me !),  then my husband got in from work and pointed out it's his birthday in a fortnight ! I can't wait to discover all the great apps I've heard about online. I've been told that even really young kids can manage to unlock the screen and find their fave apps so I'll look rather silly if I don't manage it !! Lots of fun on the cards this summer when I'm lazing by the pool or on the patio !! Thanks so much, I think I'm still in shock!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and we hope to have more great competitions on PlayPennies in the future!

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  • Luschka O.
    Wooo! Congratulations Cheryl! I loved your post :) Well done, and enjoy your iPAD!
  • Inside H.
    I loved Cheryl's post...well done!!
  • Jane W.
    Congratulations to Cheryl, I loved the post when I first read it and she really really deserved to win
  • Angela W.
    Well one Cheryl!
  • Johnathan S.
    Congratulations Cheryl! It was a very well written post indeed.
  • UK B.
    Totally jealous, I wanted to win so bad lol Well done to Cheryl, great post and I hope you (and the family by the sounds of it) enjoy your prize :)
  • Di C.
    Congratulations Cheryl, it was a lovely post and the rag book idea is genius!
  • Liz B.
    Well done Cheryl, really pleased for you xx

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