Free Competitions: Win A Trek Fuel EX 7 Bike Worth £2000, An iPad 3 Or £5000 Cash

Happy Friday!  I hope you have lots of exciting things planned for this weekend; before you dash off though, why not enter these free competitions and see if Lady Luck decides you should be one of the winners.

I don't know what it's been like post-Olympics in your part of the country but where I live everyone seems to have gone cycling crazy!  This is great and I'm all for encouraging getting off the sofa and getting fit, unless I'm stuck behind a pack of Bradley Wiggins wannabes cycling a country lane and have no chance of overtaking them for at least three miles.

If you're of the cycling persuasion then you should enter this competition to win a Trek Fuel EX 7 bike - it's worth £2,000 and will make you the cycling envy of your village or town (just make sure you invest in a good padlock for it!).

There's no question to answer, you simply need to submit your details before 30 September to be in with a chance of winning.

Have you seen the pictures of all the mad people camping out on the streets overnight just so they can get their hands on the new iPhone 5?

I haven't come across any iPhone 5 competitions yet, although I'm sure it won't be long, but I can offer you a 16gb iPad 3 in the meantime.

Again, there's no question to answer for this competition - just fill in your contact details before 5.30pm on 30 October. 

If you couldn't care less about going cycling, aren't remotely interested in Apple tech' (or any other tablets, gadgets and gizmos for that matter) then might I be able to tempt you with the prospect of winning 5,000 of our Great British pounds?

It would be yours to spend on whatever your heart desired - no catches, no conditions, just cold, hard, cash in your bank account.

Just do what I did and enter your details to be in with a chance; you need to do it before 27 September otherwise you'll miss out.


Thanks to marba01 and pjj1805 at HUKD

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