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3 December 2010

Skyline-Tokyo-Japan Tulips are one of my favourite flowers (white, if you're ever going to buy me any) and one day I intend to go back to Holland and visit the tulip fields.

Send me a postcard if you win this holiday!

[Expires - 12 December 2010.]

If you win this iPhone 4 (and had my phone number) you'd be able to send me a video postcard! I'm not giving you my number though, so an email postcard from Holland will have to do.  Just enter your details and start practising how to hold your iPhone4 properly (that will never stop being funny).

[Expires 24 December 2010.]

I have a friend who emigrated to Japan a few years ago; they love it and say it's such a crazy place of everything that it has to be experienced to be believed!

Enter this competition to win a holiday to Japan and find out and experience what he's talking about.

[Expires - 23 December 2010. Answer - Tsukiji fish market]

If your  man has a bit of thing for power tools (or if you ARE the man with a thing for power tools) then £500 to spend at Machine Mart will be enough to be able to add a couple of power beasts to their collection (of course, girls can like power tools too - I'm rather fond of my cordless Bosch drill *grin*)

[Expires - 31 December 2010. Answer - 35,000 Btu/hr]

Thanks to retiredcynic, Ticklerik, Jedi Master and biomehanik over at HUKD

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